50th Reunion Artful Collaboration

As My 50th college class reunion approached a year ago, classmate Dixie Epes Hoggan invited me to join her in a two-person show at our alma mater, Mary Baldwin University, in Staunton, Virginia.  I clearly wanted to create a new body of work.

As we were sharing photos back and forth, she suggested the title “East Meets Southwest”.
That felt really right and had the serendipitous effect of completely shifting my thinking and focus of this new body of work.  It seemed my Southwestern experience was subconsciously coming to light.

Elements of southwestern nature - wide open skies, sweeping vistas, stars, ground, leaves, flowers, earth colors - became horizontal paper bands over thirteen separate painted, collaged, textured panels. Each panel would elicit an experience of a different part of my exotic New Mexico, and each panel would stand on its own and work in ensemble with the others.
After living and working here in New Mexico for the past 16 years, it was fascinating to see how the Southwest revealed herself through me artistically.
When it came time to name the panels, they took on names of the beautiful and magical places from my New Mexico life, travels and experiences.